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Information regarding your stay at our department as an incoming Erasmus student


Before consulting these specific information regarding your stay at our department, please familiarize yourself with the general requirements listed on the Erasmus pages of the International Office Bonn!


All relevant information regarding the application as an Erasmus incoming can be found here.

List of Courses

All courses and lectures that are held at University of Bonn are available for consultation online. Please follow this link to our system BASIS.

Language of lectures

The main part of our lectures are held in German. Basic knowledge of the German language is therefore obligatory! Information regarding language courses during your stay can be found here.


The Erasmus coordinator is responsible for supporting you in case of questions during your stay. With the coordinator you discuss, e.g., the courses you take or your Learning Agreement.

Welcome service

The International Office Bonn offers you a so-called "Welcome Service." This welcome services includes transfer from CGN Airport or a train station around Cologne/Bonn, a guide to your student's dormitory as well as help regarding formal appointments (e.g. compulsory registration). This service is part of the "Help Desk" that counsels incomings during their stay on questions around the studies.

All infos regarding this welcome service can be found on the pages of the International Office.

ECTS - The European system for measuring study progress

A general overview on the ECTS can be found here.

ECTS is a s system for measuring your study progress across Europe in a standardized way, meaning that, e.g., one ECTS point you receive is worth one ECTS point throughout all universities in Europe.

ECTS is built upon four basic principles:

  1. Per year it is assumed you are able to receive 60 ECTS points that then are distributed over the courses and seminars you can choose. The basis for this distribution is what is expected from domestic students.
  2. The universities offer information with the respective ECTS points that can be received for each course you are eligible to choose
  3. Before departure the hosting university and the Erasmus incoming sign a learning agreement that records the planned courses and also encompasses the formerly received ECTS points. After your stay, the hosting university confirms the ECTS points you actually received on basis of the transcript of your stay.
  4. Your home university also confirms the received points that by this measure can replace a comparable portion of study at your home university.

Concerning a stay inside the European Union, you can refer to Mrs. Annika Ostendorf (Erasmus coordinator).

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