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Department for Political Sciences and Sociology

InstituteWelcome to the official page of the department for political sciences and sociology at the University of Bonn! These pages are meant to provide you with information regarding the department, the available curricula and the employees working for the different chairs.

We have compiled the following information for you:

The department section provides you with an overview of our department, including, but not limited to, the employees’ pages, a short history of our department and the scientific cooperation we are maintaining with other research institutes.

The studies section contains vital information for every student at our department. Here you may find introductory texts on the general curricula in our Bachelor’s and Master’s studies, where to find help if you are stuck in form or content of your studies.

The ERASMUS section contains information dedicated to incomings who want to spend their ERASMUS semester at our department, as well as information on counseling options in case you have questions or need help.

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